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Why people-people relationship is the hardest thing ever!

Perhaps, some people prefer to be alone rather than be with a bunch of friends.
We human are considered intelligent species, as we have Intelligence Quotient(IQ) and Emotional Quotient(EQ), which make us unique. What makes us unique , doesnt make us safe from other human being. This is when you see crimes popping out from every corner of the world. That's not just it. The most dangerous part is what our naked eyes can't see. We feel it from the mouth of others: rumours.
Why is it some people prefer to be alone? 
Well, there are people who are just numb to the reality. People can't be genuine to themselves. They fake themselves to be another version of themselves just to please another party. People can be an angle in front of you, but you don't know what happens until he/she backstabs you. They can be two-faced, you will never know when is the time they are being true to themselves. 
Mouth is another powerful weapon. It can be the ultimate weapon to destroy your reput…
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Comfort Zone

Whenever you wanna do something, which is not the THING that you usually do. Suddenly, you have the feeling of:-Quitting -Don't feel like doing it -Not my thing -It's hard -Have never done it before -Whatever reasons you can think of
If you want to get away with your sucks old personality, step out of your comfort zone! These are the reasons that will hold you still in your comfort zone, making you unable to try something new, unable to stand up for yourself, remaining the old you in your comfy zone! 
Let me share some experience with you today. I was appointed to be one of the university students to share my university life. I was always afraid to speak out, always afraid of people who might laugh at me, but guess what, it turned out to be good. I made people laugh! That was when my confidence level raised, and then i kept telling them funny stories ive had in my university life! So my point is, dont be afraid. Step it out! Think positive, always think positive. Believe you are more…

Feeling Lost? Find you way back here

How do you feel , when you're lost?

What am I telling you here, is not to teaching you to be lost. But to find your way back when you're lost, and that goes back to the question. How LOST is LOST?

Well, it depends on different people perspective. According to the simplest defination by Google, lost means unable to be found. Yes, lost means you're in the middle of nowhere, you lost your direction, you feel blur, you are wondering. In this kind of situation(s), you probably give up in search for the directions back. And this is where most of the people fail in their life. I'm not saying that im successful or not, but this is the cruel truth. Giving up without trying is the fastest way to fail.

When you're lost, dont think NEGATIVE! Instead, think that as a challenge God gives you, to find your path back , or even, finding a new one. Don't give up trying, keep trying until you can find your own way back to the path, the dream, the passion, that you're suppos…

My very first YouTube video

What's up whatsup guys! Hope you guys are doing fine! You know what ? Ive just released my very first video on youtube and its LIVE NOW! Honestly I was very nervous doing this, but ive been wanting to do this for so long . So just go for it ! Hoping one day i could be a famous YouTuber. Surely ive been inspired by some YouTube star, because I do wanna be like them. Talking on the internet enertaining people :)

Here's the link to it: iOS 11 Beta 4 Review after ONE WEEK

See ya soon guys! 
Leave some comments down below , i still need more space to improve!

What do you see yourself in 5-10 years?

Many people see themselves doing pretty good in 5-10 years, whether it is getting a decent job, achieving dreams or whatever we dont know, but everything has to be started with something right? For example you're going to get your masters degree in Harvard, first of all you have to stand out in college or university. You have to start off with something, something small, take a little pace to achieve your dream, there's no such thing as achieving it in a day or two. I'm a 21 y/o teen, well, in a period of 5-10 years time, i see myself getting a decent job with fexible work hours and diving in the world's most exotic oceans(well that's one thing i need to achieve). That's it , I wanna achieve what i CAN achieve first before going to cross out the next bucket list. Start off with something SMALL, slowly, to a bigger one!

What do you see yourself in 5-10 years?  Remember, you are unlimited , you can do anything that you want! There's no such thing as NO! Achie…

New YouTube channel

I've just created a new YouTube Channel with the name Leech Tech. Gonna start doing some videos on tech, travelling and diving! So excited about it :D .

I'll be capturing moments of my life with iPhone 6s, edit it with MacBook Pro early 2011(<-- kinda old though, gonna change a new one soon!)

...and, i changed the name to T2D. Just found out there are so many users using Leech Tech .

Stay tuned. Isaac

This has got me to be positive in seconds!

Pretty sure everyone heard the term "Negative negative Positive" right, when you were studying in high school, during maths and science class? Yeah but today im not going to talk about that. I'm going to talk about something regarding to our life. I'm not somebody to teach you, but hey, i have some experience, at least.....

I'm going to be a second year student in college, and ive came across with lots of people. One thing that i kept seeing in people is, NEGATIVITY. Whatever challenges come, theforce of negativity is strong with them, even i sometimes did feel that. So, how are we going to shun from the 'force'? How can we be positive? I have some secret remedies for a better positive life! there are still many out there, but im just gonna tell you what ive learned!

No.1 Be Positive This is obvious. Obviously. But this isnt something easy. What you can do is, each and everyday you wake up, the first thing you do OF COURSE is not checking up your phone, bu…