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Feeling Lost? Find you way back here

How do you feel , when you're lost?

What am I telling you here, is not to teaching you to be lost. But to find your way back when you're lost, and that goes back to the question. How LOST is LOST?

Well, it depends on different people perspective. According to the simplest defination by Google, lost means unable to be found. Yes, lost means you're in the middle of nowhere, you lost your direction, you feel blur, you are wondering. In this kind of situation(s), you probably give up in search for the directions back. And this is where most of the people fail in their life. I'm not saying that im successful or not, but this is the cruel truth. Giving up without trying is the fastest way to fail.

When you're lost, dont think NEGATIVE! Instead, think that as a challenge God gives you, to find your path back , or even, finding a new one. Don't give up trying, keep trying until you can find your own way back to the path, the dream, the passion, that you're supposed to be chasing at. Because, people often ended up asking themselves " Am I on the right track towards my dream? Am I doing what others are doing? ", and often these questions make them lost and eventually when they're lost, they give up. Who knows if you don't give up you might be finding some EUREKA moments and be sucessful one day? Who knows?

So my humble advice is, when you are lost. DON'T GIVE UP! KEEP TRYING UNTIL THE NIGHT BEFORE YOU SUCESS!




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