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Comfort Zone

Whenever you wanna do something, which is not the THING that you usually do. Suddenly, you have the feeling of:
-Don't feel like doing it
-Not my thing
-It's hard
-Have never done it before
-Whatever reasons you can think of

If you want to get away with your sucks old personality, step out of your comfort zone! These are the reasons that will hold you still in your comfort zone, making you unable to try something new, unable to stand up for yourself, remaining the old you in your comfy zone! 

Let me share some experience with you today. I was appointed to be one of the university students to share my university life. I was always afraid to speak out, always afraid of people who might laugh at me, but guess what, it turned out to be good. I made people laugh! That was when my confidence level raised, and then i kept telling them funny stories ive had in my university life! So my point is, dont be afraid. Step it out! Think positive, always think positive. Believe you are more than who you may know. You are always have the unexpected side of you hidden inside waiting to be unleashed. 

Thank you and hope you guys have a nice day ahead! 


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