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Why people-people relationship is the hardest thing ever!

Perhaps, some people prefer to be alone rather than be with a bunch of friends.


We human are considered intelligent species, as we have Intelligence Quotient(IQ) and Emotional Quotient(EQ), which make us unique. What makes us unique , doesnt make us safe from other human being. This is when you see crimes popping out from every corner of the world. That's not just it. The most dangerous part is what our naked eyes can't see. We feel it from the mouth of others: rumours.

Why is it some people prefer to be alone? 

Well, there are people who are just numb to the reality. People can't be genuine to themselves. They fake themselves to be another version of themselves just to please another party. People can be an angle in front of you, but you don't know what happens until he/she backstabs you. They can be two-faced, you will never know when is the time they are being true to themselves. 

Mouth is another powerful weapon. It can be the ultimate weapon to destroy your reputation. People gather their friends together, they gossip about things and instantly you might just be their favourite blacklists. See how powerful is the mouth. That's why some people prefer to talk to their dog rather than some fake friends.

I'm not saying that all human have this kind of stereotype, just a portion of them. My advice is find friends that you can trust, be it one or two. It's okay to have none, you have your family! So people, cheer up, dont be upset because you have no friends, be grateful you don't have fake friends! 

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