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This has got me to be positive in seconds!

Pretty sure everyone heard the term "Negative negative Positive" right, when you were studying in high school, during maths and science class? Yeah but today im not going to talk about that. I'm going to talk about something regarding to our life. I'm not somebody to teach you, but hey, i have some experience, at least.....

I'm going to be a second year student in college, and ive came across with lots of people. One thing that i kept seeing in people is, NEGATIVITY. Whatever challenges come, theforce of negativity is strong with them, even i sometimes did feel that. So, how are we going to shun from the 'force'? How can we be positive? I have some secret remedies for a better positive life! there are still many out there, but im just gonna tell you what ive learned!

No.1 Be Positive
This is obvious. Obviously. But this isnt something easy. What you can do is, each and everyday you wake up, the first thing you do OF COURSE is not checking up your phone, but to THANK GOD for another beautify day gifted to you. Thank God , thank everyone surrounding you. You'll notice some changes to your mindset when you do this everyday. The next thing is, you can use the phrases:"I am.... , or I can...". These phrases are so powerful that it changed me from being a low self esteem guy, to a much better one. Why? Because these phrases change your mindset, instead of saying i can't and i'm not, to i can and i'm, they drastically change your midset to everything is possible. Really. Should try it out! 😼

No.2 Don't complaint
Complaning is the biggest mistake that you can make to change your mind. It alters our brain chemistry by looking things at the bad side. Why not, we try to look things at the good side , and learn from it? Better right? People who complain has lower energy compared to who don't. Complaining is human's nature, so why don't give it a try? Try not to complain everything around you and start looking things in a positive way! Trust me , it works!


Forgive me for my bad english, it may not be perfect.
OK Thanks Bye


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